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Casebuy A.I.-01 Case
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Product: CaseBuy A.I.-01 Case
Provided By: CaseBuy
Price: ~$60CDN (est.)


A couple of months ago now CaseBuy promised that they'd ship me their latest creation - the A.I.-01 Case.  This case was to be an all-mesh design - one that I was looking forward too.  Unfortunately, things did not turn out as we had hoped and the case didn't arrive.  A month or two passed, and the case was finally shipped.  About a week later the case arrived from Hong Kong and we now present our review.

As I just mentioned, the case was supposed to be an all mesh design, but it seems that this particular unit was shipped with the window option.  This is not a bad thing really as the all-mesh version doesn't have a side fan, and this one does.  The duct is strategically placed and works very well for Athlon 64 systems in particular - as you'll see farther on.

Side View - Closed
 Side View - Closed

Side View - Open
 Side View - Open


Specs & Info: (from CaseBuy)

  • Diamensions:450mm D x 200mm W x 430mm H (W/O Panel)
  • Drive Bays: 5.25”x4 / 3.5”x2 / H.D.Dx4
  • Main Board size :FullSize ATX, Micro ATX
  • Power Supply :ATX PS2
  • Slots 7
  • Cooling system :Front 12cm x 1 or 8cm x 4
                              Rear 2 x 8cm or 12cm x 1
  • Material:SGCC or SECC
  • Thickness:0.6 or 0.5mm
  • Packing size :2.35Cuft / 0.06cbm
  • Net/Gross Weight(W/O PSU
    N.W:6.30kgs / G.W7.30kgs
  • Container loaded : (20”/40”/40”HQ) 430pcs / 890pcs / 1020pcs

As you can see by clicking on the thumbnailed pictures above, the case looks fairly standard from the side.  The windows is not too large, and it doesn't appear to be overly flashy.  Overall, it's a nice looking case that has a fairly standard profile.

Close Look - Outside:

This case comes with a three fans that provide adequate ventilation without deafening noise.  There is a 120mm fan on the front of the case that is meant to bring in fresh air from outside the case and bring it across the Hard Drives.  There is also a nicely louvered 120mm fan on the back of the case which expells hot air.  This type of grill cuts down on airflow a bit, but not as much as some cases that have a few "punched" holes.  On the side of the case as you noticed above there is a single 80mm fan that is fitted with an adjustable air duct.  When this case arrived the fan was positioned so that it would expell hot air from the case as well, and would complement the restricted 120mm fan at the rear.  For our application, I switched this fan around so it too blows into the case and onto our RAM, importing cool air from outside the case to cool these hot components.

Front & Back Views
 Front & Back Views

Front Fan w/o Bezel
 Front Fan w/o Bezel

You may notice in the picture above on the right that there is a place for from USB & Audio - but nothing is installed.  After the case shipped, CaseBuy contacted me and said that the installer forgot to install this header.  They couriered the USB/Audio header to me, and it arrived about a week after the caes and this picture was taken.  Because CaseBuy contacted me prior to me receiving the case, I am not deducting points for this oversight.  They were trying to get this case to me as fast as possible, and have assured me that retail versions will come with the header installed.

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