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Application: Block Puzzle (Merry Christmas)

Good day app readers! I hope your Christmas went well and that you got a chance to rest over the holidays. I was glad to be able to relax and enjoy a bunch of my "gamer" related gifts. If you’re still in Christmas mode, check out Block Puzzle - Merry Christmas! The Original is Block Puzzle Classic is basically the same thing, but this one has a Christmas theme. With snow falling and music playing, what can go wrong, right?

Block Puzzle is very similar to Tetris except it is not raining blocks. They give you blocks three at a time and you have to drag and drop them anywhere you want on a grid. You have to manually make Tetris blocks fit, making rows vertically or horizontally disappear like you would in real Tetris. Well wait a min, you can't exactly Charlie Brown it. (Stomp on it until it fits).


They need to fit in the exact number of spaces needed. You get points as you place your blocks down and the game keeps going until there are no more moves. Remember, once placed you can't move them, and you can't rotate them, so think about where you're placing them. If you rush, you'll feel like a block head and you won't be able to get that high score you hope and dream of!

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Happy New Year App Pick Readers!


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