LG Press Conference @ CES 2016

LG kicked off CES 2016 with their press conference where they unveiled a few new products that should have consumers drooling. 

Obviously at CES the companies that make TV's are wanting to show off their 4K offerings. LG has a few new models that are using their 4K OLED technology which is pretty impressive to see up close. LG has quite a few new 4K models, but their OLED65E6P was on display front and center thanks to its stylish bezel-less design. Of course it also features all the smart features that you've come to expect from high-end LG TV's, but the fact that it's only 2.57 millimeters thick (about the depth of 5 credit cards stacked on each other) really propels this model onto the wish list of many people. The OLED65E6P is part of LG's Signiture Collection which is their new word for "Flagship".

LG also has a 97 inch 4K OLED TV they are showing off this year at their booth which will be handy if you need TV to take up the entire wall in your living room. 

Oh, and just to up the ante a little, they've also got an 8K model (98UH9800) which if you can afford and get content for, will be the envy of everyone one of your friends.



LG is of course more than just a TV maker and they showcased a couple of their appliances today. As part of their 'Signature' lineup, the LG Signature refrigerator offers features like "Auto Door", which allows you to open the door of the fridge automatically by waving your foot in front of it in case your hands are full. Another feature is their "Knock-On" panel on the front which allows you to knock on the glass panel and then the glass become transparent so you can see what is in the fridge without having to open the door. Both of these features are quite unique and are only available on the LG Signature Refrigerator but maybe one day will be available on other models.

LG Appliances


If you'd like to see more on these announcements, you can check out LG's CES 2016 page with more information on their announcements as well as the option to watch the press conference for yourself.


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