Kia Press Conference @ CES 2016

Kia’s press conference was short and sweet as they were only really covering one main topic today, a fully autonomous driving vehicle. By 2020 they look to have partially autonomous vehicles ready to go and by 2030 they want to have fully autonomous hitting the market. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is the current technology they are working on for the partially autonomous vehicles. Some of the features of the current ADAS technologies are Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning System, and Lane Keep Assist Systems. There are limitations to this technology and for some drivers these limitations could become “annoying” as talked about at the press conference. 



For the drivers that feel these limitations are annoying, Kia is working on a Drive Wise system which is the technology that they are looking to use for fully autonomous cars and without the limitations that the ADAS technology has. The goal is for a vehicle to drive to another location with no driver inside and to try to achieve this goal Kia will be investing 2 billions dollars by 2018.

You can check out all the images from Press Day right here.