Mushkin @ CES 2016

We had the chance today to stop by and chat with the guys from Mushkin about what they've got in store for 2016. Mushkin of course made a name for themselves in computer memory but have expanded their product lineup in recent years to include other flash memory product, included but not limited to SSD's. Mushkin's SSD lineup has been very popular thanks to some very aggressive pricing and great reliability and not happy to stop there they've got some big plans for the upcoming year. 

On the value side, Mushkin was showing off their new TRIACTOR and ECO3 SSD drives. Both of these drives will be TLC drives and will initially be available in 240GB and 480GB capacities with larger capacities to be added later. The ECO3 will be a Newegg exclusive (and the successor to the popular ECO2 drives) and the TRIACTOR will be available globally. The final details and specs for both these drives are in the final stages right now but Muskin is very excited about how they will be priced and are confident that their price and performance will be tough to beat.


On the higher end of the spectrum, Mushkin will be releasing their new Striker and Reactor SSD drives. Both of these drives will features MLC technology and as shown in the picture below, will be available in capacities up to 2TB. More information on both of these drives can be found over at Mushkin's website.


If you'd like to see more from Mushkin and all of their product lineups, head on over to

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