Plextor and LiteOn @ CES 2016

Here at BCCHardware we've been testing both LiteOn and Plextor products for many years all the way back to their optical media drive days. Both LiteOn and Plextor have evolved over the years and now both focus heavily on SSD technology and both offer a wide variety of SSD products. LiteOn is more focused on the OEM markets while the Plextor brand is more focused on selling to the end user but with both brands being owned by the same compan, the technology is able to be shared between brands and both brands benefit greatly from that.


One of the new products from Plextor this year on display is their new M8Pe NVME SSD drive. This PCIe drive will features up to 2200 MB/s sequential read and up to 1500 MB/s sequential write speeds while achieving 270k Read and 150k Write IOPS using the Marvell 88SS1093 controller. In addition, you'll also get some exclusive technologies from Plextor like their PlexTurbo 3 software that will add extra functionality and let you squeeze even more performance out of this already crazy fast drive. the M8Pe will be shipping in capacities up to 1TB and will features Plextor's 5 year warranty.


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