Rosewill @ CES 2016

Like many other companies, Rosewill’s 2015 wasn’t super strong. They are looking, however, to make a really strong push in 2016. To aid in this they brought back the Hercules PSU series in gold edition and upped the standard on two other lines of PSUs so that very few are below silver standard. 

Rosewill PSUs

They also brought three cases to CES, The B2 Spirit and the Nighthawk 117 being the first two. The B2 Spirit is a little redesigned from its previous version while the Nighthawk 117 is a brand new case that takes the best features from two of their more popular cases. The third and final case was the Gungnir which incorporated some new design aspects. They also brought along some awesome sounding speakers, some new and updated case fans along with a really great PC tool kit that also comes in handy when needing to bend your glasses back in place.


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