LG @ CES 2016

We had the chance to stop by and check out what LG has planned for 2016 and it looks like they are going to have a busy year with the sheer number of new products they are showing off. We covered LG's CES 2016 press conference a couple days ago and now finally had the chance to see the products they featured up close. (You can check out our coverage over here).


LG has a bunch of new products spread across multiple product lines and in their computer monitor lineup the LG 34UC98-W 34" UltraWide WQHD IPS Curved LED monitor is one that catches the eye very easily. This monitor is just plain impressive and LG stuck three of them side by side for the gamers dream setup. For more on this monitor check out LG's CES gallery.


LG also has a full lineup of mobile accessories that have a few new models being added to them this year. LG has a few new Bluetooth speakers as well as Bluetooth headsets and keyboards aimed at the mobile user. The LG KBB-700 Rolly keyboard is one accessory that really caught our eye as its a full QWERTY keyboard that can be rolled up for easy portability. The feel of the keyboard is much better than many other "portable" keyboard we've seen in the past, yet it still is extremely portable when rolled up. For a closer look at the LG Rolly keyboard check out LG's CES gallery.


If you'd like to see more on these announcements, you can check out LG's CES 2016 page with more information on their announcements as well as the option to watch the press conference for yourself.


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