Sennheiser @ CES 2016

We made a stop today to meet with Sennheiser at CES 2016 and like previous years we left impressed. 

VR devices are the hot product at CES 2016 and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with their VR devices. While everyone else is working on VR video technology, Sennheiser is adding 3D sound that can complement the immersive experience that VR devices offer. Sennheiser has announced AMBEO which is their 3D audio technology that is also known as 9.1 surround sound. Sennheiser has the expertise in creating high-end audio products and should be a great addition to the VR experience.

Another product that Sennheiser was showing off was their ORPHEUS set of headphones. Chances are good you've probably heard of ORPHEUS thanks to its $50,000 price tag which grabbed headlines worldwide recently. While the price tag is obviously going to make sales extremely limited, ORPHEUS is a showcase of how Sennheiser has worked towards building the perfect set of headphones. Anytime you create a piece of technology like ORPHEUS, people line up to demo it and a line is exactly what we found at Sennheiser and unfortunately we didn't get a chance to demo them for themselves and determine if we need to get a 2nd mortgage or not to afford them.

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