InWin @ CES 2016

InWin is back at CES this year to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary, and boy they came to impress. They brought along two new lines of cases and power supplies to accompany these cases. One of the power supplies InWin was showing off this year was the Platinum rated S1-1065W PSU which comes with four cooling modes for power-off heatspikes. The modes included: power off at system shutdown, PSU stays on for three seconds longer after system shutdown, PSU stays on for 3 minutes after system shutdown, or PSU stays on indefinitely after system shutdown. The reason behind the last option is because of the design of the PSU itself as it has glass sides with LED lighting on the inside.
The two case series are the H series and the 800 series both with their own unique designs for each case. In the 800 series there was one clear winner and that was the the 805 case. It had a lot of internal led lighting but the real catchy part about it was the front of the case where they used a strip of LED lighting along with a couple mirrors to create an amazing look that makes you think the LED lighting has a lot of depth before fading out. 
Check out the video of the case in action.
The H series of cases really blew the display booth out of the water with their original designs. The H frame came with LED lighting around outside that could be adjusted to five different levels from off to high and also has sleek removable glass side panels that are very durable to kicks. The case that stole the show was the H-tower limited edition case. This case is basically like a transformer that can go from an ordinary looking case into side panels everywhere and the core components lifted out either at an angle or perpendicular to its original resting position. 
The last bit of salivating info from InWin is that in the next few months all the new cases will be shipped with their new power supplies that are designed specifically for that particular case.

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