This year at CES ROCCAT brought some fairly new products that will be hitting the market in February along with a whole new driver and app software that is currently being worked on but should be out in the coming months. The first of the new products is the Ryos keyboard that will have some brand new macro keys below the spacebar that can be used for just about anything from simple tasks in MMORPG games all the way to essential functions for FPS games. For example, instead of using "Q" in Battlefield to point out enemies you can now bind one of the macro keys below the spacebar to do that for you. 

ROCCAT Swarm is the brand new application and driver software that ROCCAT is working on and will be a very robust tool heading into the future. The Swarm software will bring the RGB customizability of the RYOS and all the other RGB keyboards ROCCAT has to offer to a whole new level. The goal of the swarm software is to be able to detect all future and past ROCCAT peripherals such as keyboards and mice and change any RGB styles and profiles anyway you see fit. One of the awesome features of the software is the ability to use a preset profile that detects if music is playing or not and change the keyboard colors from a static color to a VU meter. Another great feature of the software is that you will be able to turn any key on a keyboard into a macro key. 

The mice that will be coming to market soon are the Kiro and Kova (new version). The Kiro takes a page from the Nyth's modularity but on a smaller scale. The Kiro is an ambidextrous designed mouse that allows for both the right and left of the mouse to be hot swappable. There is an option to have buttons on both sides of the mouse or have them on just one side depending on if a person is right or left handed. Once the pieces are placed on the mouse there are magnets to help keep them in place all the while looking and feeling like it's any other mouse. 



The new version of the Kova brings a little different look at feel too with raised buttons on both the right and left sides of the primary mouse buttons respectively. This feature allows for better button customizability along with even more macro customizability. Another neat feature is the ability to adjust the LEDs on the mousewheel and the back of the mouse independently of each other. Both mice will also come with overdrive functions that can significantly bump their DPIs.

Although I am not at liberty to talk about another specific product that was shown, I do advise to keep an eye on ROCCAT's website in the coming weeks to see more awesome stuff from them.

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