Magellan @ CES 2016

As network coverage becomes better in North America, dedicated navigation companies such as Magellan have had to adapt and grow in order to stay relevant. People use their mobile phones much more for navigation than they used to, but that doesn't mean that a dedicated unit is not relevant anymore - it means that it better do the job really well, and throw in a few extras. Magellan has been in the navigation game for a long time, but this year they are pushing more into the multi-purpose device market.



Dashcams are their main focus this year, and while that may not seem that exciting at initial glance, they are pushing some pretty impressive image quality with Sony sensors, five-layered glass lenses and even some 1440p "Ultra HD" recording capability. Their MiVue 450D even has the capability to record 330° - allow you to record even inside the vehicle. This is great for insurance purposes should you ever be in an accident so you can prove that you were not distracted and at fault.

One of their newest products is the eXplorist TRX7 - built for off-road navigation. If you've got a nice quad, snow-mobile or any other off-road vehicle, this unit comes with over 44,000 trails installed out of the box. There are detailed 3D maps that give you topographical information and access to community trail data. This one isn't cheap at a MSRP of $649, but it is rugged and could save you some serious regrets at the end of the day.


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