TP-Link @ CES 2016

We had a chance to meet with TP-Link at CES this year and boy have they come a long way. When they first arrived on the scene, they were the ultra-budget router that you could pick up for $30 - $50 that just plain worked. They weren't the fastest, didn't have the most features, but they worked.

Talon AD7200

Fast forward to today. TP-Link has some of the fastest wireless options available. They were showing off their Talon AD7200 802.11ad router. The 802.11ad standard uses a multi-band 4-stream technology to push data through the 2.4GHz spectrum at up to 800Mbps, combined with the 5GHz spectrum at speeds up to 1733Mbps. Then the stack the new 60GHz band on top of those that can theoreticly handle data throughput at up to 4600Mbps. When those are all combined, you get a maximum theoretical throughput of 7133Mbps (which they round up to 7200Mbps).

802.11AD Real-World Demo

In the real world, you'll never see anything close as it would take a client connection that has at least 8 antennae. That doesn't exist. They did have a life demo running though showing some pretty impressive numbers when connected to an ASUS gaming laptop.

Other product they showed at CES included their Archer C5400 Router, and a new SR20 touchscreen smart home router that includes a touchscreen. This router supports ZigBee, Z-Wave and other Wi-Fi smart home products.

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