Kingston @ CES 2016

Kingston was back at CES this year with some new and interesting products. The first two products are two MobileLite Wireless units that can act as power banks but at the same time both have a USB port and an SD card slot for easy connectivity along with the ability to use as a storage device. The MobileLite Wireless G3 unit does not come with any internal storage unlike the MobileLite Wireless Pro which comes with 64GB of storage. Both devices have wireless capability and when used with the MobileLite app will allow for file transfers in order to help free up space on a mobile device. In addition to wireless file transfers, the MobileLite products have a built-in ethernet port that can serve as a personal Wireless Access Point if you want to connect a few people to a single network.



The next new line of products that Kingston showed was the HyperX Cloud headsets made for Xbox One as HyperX is now the officially licenced headset for Xbox One. This console line of headsets were designed off of their PC headset line the HyperX Cloud II. Large 53mm drivers and over-ear closed cup design are a couple of reasons to get interested in this headset.

Xbox Headset


The DataTraveler 2000 is a flash USB drive that uses AES 256-bit data encryption, is OS independant, and has a ten key alphanumeric keypad for secure pin protection. The best feature about this drive’s protection is that in the case of being lost or stolen and after ten unsuccessful tries of trying to unlock it, the drive will format itself. Kingston’s DataTraveler 2000 is probably the media of choice that Hillary should have used to store her emails. 

Encrypted Flash


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