Swordfish Collectibles @ CES 2016

For those of you out there that enjoy your video game and comic book action-figures, but hate spending the high dollar amount for them, Swordfish in conjunction with Maybang's Collectibles, brings the world of collectibles and the world of mobile device accessories together at prices that won't break the bank. Currently they have an official licenced deal with Blizzard but at the same time they are looking to get licenced deals with other major companies such as Marvel.


Some of the products that will hit the market in the coming months are phone docking stations and chargers, storage containers, and power banks - all of which are designed to look like collectibles you would pay a high price for. Although they are only limited to World of Warcraft right now (still a big deal), landing other big name licence deals should help them to grow this merged market exponentially.

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