Ford @ CES 2016

Ford was at CES 2016 with a huge booth again this year and while their 2017 GT almost stole the show (it really is that beautiful), it was their self-driving cars that we were looking at. Before we get into that though, consider Ford's GT. It's a V6 SuperCar. Carbon-fiber makes a heavy appearance, not only on the body - but also on the tube-frame. Even though it has a mere V6, the power-to-weight ratio is amazing.

Ford GT


On the self-driving front, Ford talked about their upgraded sensors and while we saw a four-LiDAR array on the current generation of test vehicle, Ford is working on a lower-profile two-LiDAR system that will be a lot more attractive. With new sensors being made all the time and improvements in collision algorithms, Ford figures that their self-driving fleet will be road-ready in as little as four years. That's right - four. That would be level four - totally autonomous driving - on good roads.


Their test track is in Detroit, so they do know quite a bit about bad weather and this gives me hope that they won't all be designed for California use. Stay tuned as there is a lot more good stuff coming down the pipe in the next few months.

Please check out more pictures from our last day of CES coverage right here. There are quite a few more pictures of their self-driving car as well as another shot of the beautiful GT.