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Application: PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

Most of you that followed the CES media storm are probably trying to wind down and recover from the madness of the press and meetings. I stayed behind this time and edited pictures and was the social butterfly for the crew. Speaking of pictures, take a look at this week's pick - PhotoDirector Photo Editor App.

A lot of us take pictures with our phones. We like to take good photos of memorable things and moments spent with people. While today people are a little "selfie" obsessed, making a perfect selfie often requires you to do a bit of editing nad spice it up!

Image Image Image


I know I've done several camera apps and said they are all pretty sweet, but there are so many out there that are cool. PhotoDirector not only crops your photos, but can also do some "content aware" things that first debuted in Photoshop. This photo editor has a remover tool that removes objects, while it fixes the blank area behind the removed object to make the photo look fantastic. You can also spice up your pictures with effects, different filters and overlays that give your pictures a different feel. There are lots of options and in-app purchases for additional photo effects. It doesn't seem to touch the original picture as it makes a copy of it so you can do it up! It will save your edited photos to a different folder for easier management.



Spice up your life with PhotoDirector today!


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