Linux Mint Servers Hacked - Infected ISOs

If you are one of the decreasing number of people that use Linux, one of your biggest reasons for using this non-standard (albeit great) platform is security. Well, that recently went out the window as the Linux Mint servers were hacked and Mint themselves have been distributing ISOs that contain malware. Normally you'd expect something like this from a shady torrent site, but hackers have gotten right to the root of the distribution and tried taking it down from the inside. There is a fix available - and if you downloaded Mint on February 20, you need to fix it now.

The incident is a reminder of the value of checking MD5 signatures for critical downloads. It is also important to ensure that the MD5 signatures themselves come from a trusted source, rather than one that hackers might have modified. In the case of a popular Linux distribution, these signatures are posted in more than one place, so inconsistency in the signatures is a sign that something may be wrong.

Source: TheRegister