Cyangoen Brings Microsoft Apps Closer to Android

Cyanogen has been pushing the boundaries and maximizing the performance of Android devices for a while and they are not planning on taking a reast anytime soon. Their OS is much more efficient, fast and in many ways - secure, than stock Android. Recently, they've been pouring time and energy into a new platform called the "MOD" platform and the end result includes being able to run Microsoft apps natively on your Android device. At this point, it will only be available for users of the Cyanogen OS as it requires a lot of deep integration in th device.

The Windows-maker seem to be a premium launch partner for MOD, having already created a bunch of applications and scenarios where the company’s services get embedded into Cyanogen OS. This includes a Skype dialer that brings VoIP functionality directly in the phone’s dialer; it also includes Cortana integration which allows users to call on the digital assistant to take selfies and accomplish other tasks, all via voice commands.

Source: Neowin