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Application: Blocus

Good day my fellow app readers. I just came out of the LAN weekend and am getting back into the real world. That being said, you can still game on the go. I know I’ve had a block game not long ago, but this one is a childhood staple and favorite of mine - Blocus! This is not based on the board game, but is a variation of many ball and block games. I grew up playing many types of this sort of game and they are addicting and so fun. I can’t wait for the next level.

Blocus Blocus

This is an easy game to learn in minutes and will take hours to beat! You could say it’s a fancier version of pong that is played between you and the device. Again there are so many different types of block hitting games that the concept of the game is the same. You're given a paddle, a ball and a ton of bricks. Bounce the ball to hit all the bricks - simple as pie! While you're bouncing your ball around you have to make sure you don’t lose it. Also to make things more hectic, items rain from certain blocks that can either help you or cause you to fail the level.

Blocus Blocus

Sometimes you have multiple balls flying everywhere and other special blocks include fireballs that will burn up blocks quickly. Make all the blocks disappear and you win that level. This block game lets you continue each level or you can try endless to see how far you can go. Collect falling diamonds to upgrade your paddle.

Don't drop it like it's hot!


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