Martian Alpha Smartwatch Evaluation

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Martian Alpha Smartwatch Evaluation
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Product: Martian Alpha Smartwatch
Provided By: Martian
Price: $279 MSRP at Publication



Today we are taking a bit of a look at the Martian Alpha which is part of their Active series. Martian's watches are quite interesting to me as a tech and watch enthusiast. I love the idea of Smartwatches, but I hate the reality that most of them don't go a full day of real-world usage - and when the battery is dead, so is your timepiece. I'm one of dwindling number of people that would prefer to look at a watch for the time, rather that pull out my phone and press a button. Martian tackles the connected watch in a very effective way as they offer a solid timepiece that uses a separate battery to continuously tell the time on an analog watch, while using a single-line OLED display to show notifications. The OLED is powered by a separate battery and should last 5 days with average usage. Granted, the Martian Alpha is more watch that Smartwatch, but the tradeoff is that you should get a full work-week out of the device.

Martian Box


About Martian:

Martian Watches was founded in 2007 to deliver unique personal wireless communication solutions that reshape the way we stay connected to friends, family and the world. Martian designs and engineers its innovative products in Irvine, California with a team of talented and dedicated professionals who strive to improve the beauty, functionality and convenience of its unique products. The Martian engineering team has an extensive history in Bluetooth® development, having patented the world’s smallest system-on-chip solution for Bluetooth wireless systems.

Read more about their approach to wearable technology here.

In Box


First Look:

As we break open the box of the Martian Alpha there are several things that stand out. The first is that Martian is actually very proud of their product. Their name and logo are emblazed outside the box, inside the box and of course of the device itself. They don't want anyone to mistake this product for something else. The second thing that is immediately apparent is that the watch is first and foremost a watch. The third thing that is immediately obvious is that the watch is high quality. It has a nice mineral glass protected face that has raised stainless steel numbers that add a touch of class. The watch features a silicone band and a couple of buttons in addition to the crown.



As for additional items in the box, the Martian Alpha is pretty basic. There is a micro-USB charging cable and a bit of a quick start guide to get you going. Once you have the application installed and learn how to pair the Alpha, you're pretty much good to go. There are functions that the Martian Alpha does separate from any device, and the simplicity of the device is pretty fantastic. The bottom button cycles through a menu and the top button selects items shown on the display. If you press the top button on the Alpha, it activates Google Now or Siri and allows you to issue voice commands to your device - even if your phone is in your pocket or your briefcase.


On the next page, we'll take a closer look at the Alpha as well as a closer look at the features and specifications of this device.