ROCCAT Kiro Modular Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse - Installation and Software

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ROCCAT Kiro Modular Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
Installation and Software
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Installation was simple but required a visit to the ROCCAT website to pick up the latest drivers and Swarm software. Once the Kiro was plugged in and detected, we were ready to go. Very simple.

Kiro Front




Software is a big part of many peripherals these days and it is no difference with the Kiro. The Swarm software by ROCCAT works fairly well.  It has three main menus; one for the Kiro, another for ALIENFX and the last for SWARM CONNECT. Within the Kiro's menu you have four sub-menus; the first of which is a pin menu, where parts of the other menus can be pinned to one menu that is an amalgamation of everything you want. It's a great custom feature. 

Software 1

The second sub-menu is the settings menu. This menu contains adjustments such as sensitivity, vertical scroll speed, horizontal tilt speed, double click speed, dpi switcher (from 250-4000) and windows pointer speed.

On the third level we have the button assignment menu. Here we can change the individual function of each button and the scroll wheel. You can also disable or enable the module buttons. You can also create hotkeys here.

Software 2

Lastly we have the advanced settings menu. This menu includes selections of poll rates of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz. It also includes low, high and normal distances for the distance control unit. Below all of this is the "reset settings" button, which you guessed it, resets the settings to stock values. This is convenient if you mess something up, but can be a pain if you live with someone who pranks you by restoring your settings all the time.

Softwarwe 3



Sound feedback is the next on the list where you can choose if a sound announces when you hit the dpi switch, turn the volume up or down and change the sensitivity. You can also set the volume of the feedback.

Software 4

Lastly, we come to the illumination controls. The ROCCAT Kiro has lighting abilities that include turning them on or off, choosing whether your mouse is fully lit, blinking or breathing. There are multiple color effects (colors can be chosen from an extensive pallet) that include color flow, different lighting effects and more. Below those controls are the effects speed setting.

The last sub-menu is the orientation from left to right hand.


Moving on to the next page, we'll quickly cover the features and specifications from ROCCAT before we jump into testing.