Android and Chrome Need to Get Together Better

One of the best things with Apple products is really how well they work together. Even Microsoft products work very well together and Google products work pretty well with Microsoft, but not so much with Chrome. That really needs to change if Google wants to unify their own platform. While there are ways to make things work - beyond browser favorites - they are not simple and intuitive. Google should have a syncing solution that will work with music, documents, and other items from your Chrome-desktop to your Android device.

More than anything, Pushbullet shows that there's an obvious way for Google to match — and even beat — Apple's iPhone-to-Mac Continuity feature: Chrome. Google may not have a widely used desktop operating system, but it does have a widely used browser (which, yes, is also sometimes an operating system). Chrome is on OS X, Windows, and Linux. According to NetMarketShare, it's used on just over one-third of desktop computers, second only to Internet Explorer.

Source: TheVerge