Android App Pick - My Cookbook (Recipe Manager)


Application: My Cookbook (Recipe Manager)

Good day fellow app readers! We have made it all the way to 200 Android App Picks! It's pretty awesome that we've been at it for 200 – and even better than that, it's Pi-day! Most people like "pie", but today is really all about "Pi" (3.14). Many people celebrate this nerd day by baking pies, which brings us to our Android App Pick this week. If you love food and need a quick way to store recipe, search up some recipes and store them with My Cookbook (Recipe Manager). Bookmark your favorite dinners, lunches, breakfasts and your favorite pies!



If you're not the greatest at making things up on the spot or remembering every ingredient for that pizza roll or caramel pie, cookbooks are handy. The recipe manager helps you organize your ingredients and directions instead of having things run together. You can copy and paste, fill it out manually or use the search option within the app to easily import the recipe into the My Cookbook app. Sometimes it will give you a picture of the item you're making and sometimes you have to let your imagination be your guide. You can edit and make changes to the recipe as needed. It will save you paper and the trouble of reading someone's scribbles on a recipe card.


Go make something yummy!


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