Sony responds to Microsoft's cross-platform request

Earlier this week, Microsoft invited everyone to join them in a quest to bridge the gap between consoles and PCs, Sony included. Sony responded and let people know they like the idea of cross-platform play and have done it in certain instances since 2002 with Final Fantasy 11 and other titles. Whether or not Sony is interested in working with Microsoft directly is unclear, but after years of competition it's understandable that they aren't supporting it so quickly. GameSpot has the story.

On Monday Microsoft publicly invited other platform holders to allow the same games to be played online across different console networks. Such an unprecedented move, if enacted, could bring an end to more than a decade of segregation between the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Sony’s response, issued one day later to GameSpot, suggests the market-leading platform holder remains open-minded about cross-console play but stopped short of discussing a deal with Xbox Live.