Hack a Chromebook, get paid $100k

Google has put up a $100,000 to anyone who can remotely hack a Chromebook over the internet. This amount has doubled since last year when they put up $50,000, to which they have received zero successful entries. The incentive is actually a pretty good marketing plan, if no one is successful it shows how good your security is, and if someone is successful it's a small price to pay to find out a flaw that could affect everyone. ZDNet has more details and if you find a flaw make sure to send a cut on over to us here at BCCHardware!

Google has put up a $100,000 reward for anyone who can find a way to hack its Chromebook over the web.

The move doubles last year's top reward of $50,000, available exclusively for attacks that achieve a persistent compromise on a Chromebook in 'guest mode', meaning the attacker's code sticks around on the device even after a reboot and affects subsequent guest-mode sessions.

In the context of a Chromebook, guest mode is a locked-down state designed to support device sharing, which protects the owner's Chrome profile from tampering, and is meant to ensure browser data and cookies vanish at the end of a session.