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Application: Marble Race

In the world of mazes, marble mazes have always been interesting and challenging. A long time ago when I was a kid, my family has stumbled across an Amiga PC that came with a joystick and games. In that stack of games, I found a game called Marble Madness. It was a puzzle game that required you to maneuver a marble around to the finish line. Marble Race is very similar.
Marble Race Marble Race`


It's pretty simple to play. Move and tilt your device to get the ball rolling! It reminds me of an old game of hamster ball the way the colors and patterns are laid out. It’s also a bit similar to Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball. All have the same concept - get the ball to the finish line! To make Marble Race challenging, you have to complete the course before the timer runs out. This race against the clock always pressures me as I try to work my way through and around a maze of obstacles! Give it a try and join the fun and addicting adventure!

Marble Race Marble Race


Keep on rolling!


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