Android Security Reality

While Android had a tough time in the past year when it came to security headlines, the reality is that if you use your device like 99% of Android users - and just get your applications through the Play Store, you'll likely be fine. If you open your phone, unlock the bootloader and install applications by way of sideloading, you have a better chance at something sneaking into you device. That being said, users typically don't do that and the mainstream Android user is actually very safe and secure on the Google platform. Google wants you to "look at the data."

You can read the entire report, if you want to get into the weeds. For those who don’t, the key point is that Google is taking security seriously. That could come from the spark of the Apple-FBI standoff over mobile encryption (or that Apple likes to bludgeon its mobile rival about its security). Ludwig said the Android team was not influenced by the FBI case, but did emphasize that Google is rolling out more and more device encryption.

Source: Re/code