BlackBerry Shifts Focus to Software

BlackBerry is starting to see the light. There is very little money to be made in phone hardware - especially when you're a third, or fourth place company. As it stands, BlackBerry has recently purchased a company called "Good" and they have used this little leverage to make a bunch of money in software and services. BlackBerry finally is starting to see the light and they are pushing more toward enterprise software. It will probably be the best move they've made in the last few years - if it's not too late.

I'm sure their $2.6bn pile of cash will sustain then for the next quarter.

To this BlackBerry is gradually adding its own acquisitions. Such as the secure document system BlackBerry picked up, WatchDox, which can geofence documents: very handy if some employee leaves a thumb drive on a train. The “crisis squawker” (there’s no better description) AtHoc which provides crisis management for emergency services, is also swapping its HazMat suite for a white collar, and will be offered to enterprises.

Source: TheRegister