Lionsgate Brings Big Movies to Steam

Everybody wants a piece of the streaming pie and when you already have the servers, storage and infrastructure to deliver content on-demand, it makes sense to go bigger. Steam has recently welcomed Lionsgate to their platform and you will be able to rent and stream movies right in your Steam client software. Hopefully, Steam doesn't make some fatal mistakes trying to bring their "Big Screen" to every home. They can't forget their core users - at least I hope they can't.

To this BlackBerry is gradually adding its own acquisitions. Such as the secure document system BlackBerry picked up, WatchDox, which can geofence documents: very handy if some employee leaves a thumb drive on a train. The “crisis squawker” (there’s no better description) AtHoc which provides crisis management for emergency services, is also swapping its HazMat suite for a white collar, and will be offered to enterprises.

Source: Engadget