Windows 10 Upgrades are Pushy

I'm a big fan on Windows 10. I've been using it since an early developer preview and I haven't had too many issues with the operating system. I do understand that when a company has a good product - and they're givijng it away for free - they want as many people on-board as they can. This big push to Windows 10 helps them a lot as support for an older OS won't be needed as long. The problem is, Microsoft has been really, REALLY pushy when it comes to upgrading and it's been a pain to say "no". This could ultimatly generate more negative feedback than positive for Microsoft and they don't need that at all right now.

Then there is Microsoft's increasingly aggressive tactics to get everyone running Windows 10. It started with a simple notification on the taskbar of Windows 7 and 8, making people aware of Windows 10 and offering to let them 'reserve a copy' to download when available. However, Microsoft then started pre-emptively downloading the Windows 10 installer to those who had opted to reserve a copy, taking up gigabytes of space. 

Source: TheInquirer