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Application: Planner 5D - Interior Design

Good rainy afternoon! It is spring season and we finally got a bit of rain here in the last few days. I do apologize for not keeping a steady scheduled app of the week review out, but please keep checking in to see what we have got going on. If you're in a building mood or are an architect, or even perhaps just moving to a new place, you might want to check out Planner 5D Interior Design. It reminds me of building houses in the SIMS - after all it’s mostly a floor plan that goes digital in 5D! 

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Now I’m not sure what all the dimensions this app will show you as it says 5D, but I do know it allows you to see the plan in 2D which is a top-down birds-eye view as well as 3D with walls up and furnishings in 3D. The 4D and 5D are marketed from using Google Cardboard or another VR headset - which places you in the room. This is a nifty twist when you’re looking around! As with all VR, you can get a little dizzy. You can build in 2D and 3D but it’s easier to build more accurately in 2D. It’s pretty interesting for a building plan.

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Happy Building!


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