Bluetooth 5 is coming

Next week we will be seeing the unveiling of the next generation of Bluetooth which will be dubbed, Bluetooth 5. Bluetooth 5 will be 4x as fast as the Bluetooth 4.2 LE devices that are currently available which is probably reason enough to be excited but you'll also get more distance and some other minor upgrades. Of course your previous generation devices aren't going to magically become faster, this of course only applies to new Bluetooth 5 devices. TechRadar breaks down Bluetooth 5 over here.

The group in charge of Bluetooth development has announced that the 5.0 specification of the technology is going to be unveiled next week, on the 16 June. Shortly afterwards, it should start finding its way into your phones, laptops and car stereos.

We'll have to wait until the launch event to get the full rundown on what Bluetooth 5.0 can do, but some details of the new wireless transmission standard have already leaked out.