Sony Won E3 This Year?

With E3 is full swing, it appears that Sony has won E3 with all their games. While Microsoft focued mainly on hardware customization and a slightly more powerful - albeit slimmer console, Sony has pushed hard with a big lineup of games, updates and VR. While I don't think VR won E3 at all, the reality is that they pushed hard with developers and consoles are a means to an end - playing games. Well done Sony.

People who love games, unsurprisingly, felt catered to by Sony, and in return declared the console maker their champion. And so, like a prizefighter with a proven routine, Sony has focused on games every year since. Remasters like last year’s Final Fantasy VII. Surprise games like this year’s Spider-Man. Beautifully rendered indie games, VR games, sequels and new properties.

Source: TheVerge