Sony's Press Event in 7 Minutes

If you are wanting to catch up on E3 coverage, but can't find the time to watch all the press events, you can watch a condensed version of the Sony Press event. They took a few hours of gameplay, announcements and a lot of hype and crammed it into a seven minute video. That's much better. Of course you will probably miss some little details, but if you want the highlights, it doesn't get much better than this.

On the heels of Microsoft's big press event yesterday, Sony followed with a showcase of its own at E3. While the company didn't discuss that new console we know is coming, it did reveal that the PS VR would launch this fall. Staying true to form, there was a truckload of game news, ranging from the return of God of War, a new take on Spider-Man and Hideo Kojima's new title that features Norman Reedus in his birthday suit.

Source: Engadget