Spam King goes to jail

The self-proclaimed "Spam King" is taking a leave of absence from his kingdom and taking up residence in prison for the next 30 months thanks to a new court decision. The Spam King was responsible for over 27 million Facebook messages and compromised nearly 500,000 Facebook accounts. In addition to 30 months in jail, he was also fined $310,000, which it doubtful he'll ever repay as he's been sued (and lost) numerous times in regards to spamming. Don't think he's going to get much sympathy or a petition over this one. ArsTechnica has the full story.

A Las Vegas man known as the "Spam King" was sentenced Monday to 2.5 years in federal prison. He pleaded guilty last year to one count of fraud.

The federal judge in San Jose, California also ordered Sanford Wallace to pay over $310,000 in restitution.

Prosecutors wrote that by his own admission, Wallace executed "a scheme from approximately November 2008 through March 2009 to send spam messages to Facebook users that compromised approximately 500,000 legitimate Facebook accounts, and resulted in over 27 million spam messages being sent through Facebook’s servers."