Yahoo's Acquisitions

Last week when Microsoft acquired LinkedIn set off a trip down memory lane looking at some of tech's biggest, best, and even worst acquisitions. Yahoo once was the big dog on the block and was acquiring companies left, right, and center, with their former CEO Marissa Mayer at the helm. If you've ever wondered how the 53 acquisitions that she was at the helm for, wonder no more. Gizmodo looks back at Yahoo's purchases and what happened to them after they became absorbed into the borg.,, errr,.,, I mean the Yahoo machine. 

Yahoo, the once-vaunted internet giant, is in shambles. Its revenue is in decline. Its shareholders are crying foul. Its prized public faces are scrambling for an exit, and the company has laid off 15 percent of its workforce. Its core business—internet search and advertising—is negatively valued. Looming over all of this is a prospective sale of the company’s core assets, bids for which have reportedly reached more than $5 billion.