Napster is back!

Napster is making its return! Rhapsody, who ended up with the Napster name and rights back in 2011, has announced that they are going to be changing their name to Napster. Napster of course became very famous in the late 90's for its file-sharing capabilities that weren't always exactly legal. Napster's second go was as a legitimate music streaming site (which didn't last very long). Rhapsody is hoping that third time is the charm as they are adopting the name yet leaving their service relatively the same.

ArsTechnica has more details.

It seems that nothing is changing about Rhapsody except the name and the branding—in fact, Rhapsody already sells its streaming service under the Napster name in countries outside the US. But the company may be looking for a new way to compete in a packed music streaming market, and pulling on the heartstrings of millions of now-grownups who gleefully marvelled at the ease with which they were able to download music in the new millennium might be just the ticket.