Netflix users don't want ads

Netflix is like any other company on the planet and is looking at how to increase profits. Hulu has gone the route of offering ads instead of increasing prices but apparently according to a new survey Netflix users aren't so receptive. Of the people polled, 90% said they'd rather pay more than see ads. 74% of people polled said that they'd rather cancel their subscription than see ads. It's interesting to see the numbers as high as they are as typically internet users like cheap or free and will put up with a fair amount of hassle. Seeing as Netflix has raised their prices recently it appears that their surveys have suggested the same. AllFlicks has the full story.

In its early days as a streaming service, Netflix wasn’t just the biggest and best company on the block – it was the only one. In those heady days, Netflix was able to charge low subscription rates and still provide a catalog that included just about everything.

As we’ve seen, that’s been changing. With new competition from companies like Hulu and Amazon, Netflix has seen streaming deals get pricier and customers get antsier. For a few years now, Netflix’s catalog has been shrinking while its prices have been rising.