Sony agrees to pay PS3 Linux users

Six years ago Sony decided to end Linux support on the PS3 with a firmware update. Fast forward 6 years and a lawsuit later and Sony has agreed to pay users who this decision affected. Basically if you can prove that the end of Linux support affected you in a negative way you could be eligible to get $55 bucks back. If you were going to use the feature but never got around to it you could still be eligible for $9, The settlement is in the final stages of being settled and then you'll be able to file a claim if you were an affected PS3 user. ArsTechnica has the full story and all the details.

After six years of litigation, Sony is now agreeing to pay the price for its 2010 firmware update that removed support for the Linux operating system in the PlayStation 3.

Sony and lawyers representing as many as 10 million console owners reached the deal on Friday. Under the terms of the accord, which has not been approved by a California federal judge yet, gamers are eligible to receive $55 if they used Linux on the console. The proposed settlement, which will be vetted by a judge next month, also provides $9 to each console owner that bought a PS3 based on Sony's claims about "Other OS" functionality.