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Good day app readers! This spring has been pretty warm at times. So far, I’ve managed to take part in a few outdoor activities and I’ve even managed to do a bit of golf! If you enjoy a good game of golf, I hope you manage to spend as much time as you can on the fairway this summer. If you’d rather stay inside and play cards, we have you covered this week as well. For those of you that are super pale and sunburn easy, Fairway Solitaire Blast is a fun game of “Gold Solitaire” that will have you spending a lot of time playing through the different courses.

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The game is pretty much straight up golf solitaire that doesn’t need much explaining. With Blast, they throw in bonus cards to benefit you and help you get through the level - if you use them wisely. You can get bonus points by performing long card streaks. There are side goals that net you more points as you have to get through three rounds in each level with the bucket of cards they give you. Work your way up the course and get as many stars as you can!

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Blast off!


App Pick 203


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