BlackBerry to end making Classic model

Bad news for the nostalgic BlackBerry fans that still want to hold onto their Classic BlackBerry device, 18 months after its launch BlackBerry has announced they are going to end production. The BlackBerry Classic of course featured the classic design of a physical keyboard rather than the touchscreen keyboard. Obviously when it comes to specs and features the Classic wasn't anything too impressive but for the hardcore BlackBerry fan it was a great device aimed at business use. NBC News has the story.

Smartphone pioneer BlackBerry will stop making its Classic model, the company said on Tuesday, some 18 months after launching the device it had hoped would entice users who prefer a physical, rather than touchscreen, keyboard.

Blackberry's move shifted its focus further away from its money-losing handset business and toward its software. Still, shares in the Canadian technology company fell more than 3 percent after an executive confirmed the move in a company blog post.