People aren't buying secure smartphones

Security breaches are pretty much a daily occurrence anymore and mobile breaches are making up a big chunk of those breaches. Companies like Silent Circle who produce the Blackphone are trying to make devices that are secure however people just don't seem to be all that interested in actually buying them. Silent Circle was pretty sure they'd be able to move 250,000 devices but it seems they might have overestimated just a little. Silent Circle has cut 20% of its workforce so far and is trying to go after the companies they thought were going to buy a whole bunch of phones but then later backed out. At this point the concept of a secure phone is probably something that interests people but when it comes down to actually buying a secure smartphone people just aren't there yet. Engadget has more on Silent Circle's struggles.

It looks as if the demand for smartphones that actively protect your privacy is significantly smaller than anyone expected. A lengthy investigation over at Forbes has looked into the troubles at Silent Circle and the news isn't good. The company that produces the Blackphone has recently cut a fifth of its workforce and is embroiled in litigation with Geeksphone. The reason behind all of this turmoil is very simple: the company believed that it'd sell hundreds of thousands privacy-protecting smartphones that nobody actually wanted.