Music Downloads are Pretty Much Dead

It wasn't that long ago (in the grand scheme of things) that CDs took the music world by storm, and then came digital music to throw the entire music industry into a new era of unknowns. For many years now, downloading music has been the primary what to buy, obtain and enjoy listening to the songs you want. That is changing once again, and 2016 has seen the biggest decline to music downloads that we've ever seen. It has been replaced by streaming - and with this, comes a whole new pickle for the music industry to try and work with and figure out how to monetise properly as streaming music nets them much less profit that downloads. Good-bye iTunes, hello Apple Music.

2016 is clearly the year that killed paid music downloads.  But unlike CDs and vinyl, which enjoyed post-extinction lifespans, the music download could be permanently wiped off the Earth.  Emmanuel Zunz, CEO of digital distributor ONErpm, was the first to predict a complete and total replacement of the paid download, simply because streaming is so directly competitive (and better).

Source: DigitalMusicNews