Linux Mint 18 is the Best Desktop - Period

According to quite a few people - Linux is one of the best operating systems ever. The thing is, they are probably right as far as security and ease-of-use goes. The big downside though is compatibility - and that's where Linux struggles. If you want a stand-alone machine for someone that won't install programs, or play a lot of games, Linux is a solid choice. Of the many distributions of Linux, Linux Mint 18 has been crowned the best desktop OS - period. Yes, that includes the other small guys like Microsoft and Apple.

Despite these changes, Mint still runs on old computers you have sitting in your garage. You only need 512MBs of RAM to run it, although 1GB is recommended. You can fit Mint on a 10GB hard-drive, although 20GB is recommended. As for a display you can run it on 1024×768 resolution or even lower if you don't mind using the ALT key to drag windows with the mouse.

Source: ZDNet