FBI Already Has Collected 430,000 Iris Scans

If you're worried about someone getting a hold of your fingerprints - never use your fingerprint scanner on your phone. I know, it's already to late. Many consumers have already given up their fingerprints, but our iris' are safe, right? Not quite. The FBI has already collected close to half a million iris scans and many of these came from arrestees in the San Bernardino area. It's not a bad idea for law enforcement, and there are a few privacy safeguards in place. That being said, I'm not sure if I'm too crazy about having my details in a police database somewhere. I guess I won't get arrested. Good idea. Once a Samsung device uses iris scanning for phone unlocking, the number of people in the FBI database will skyrocket. #justsaying

To create that pool of scans, the FBI has struck information-sharing agreements with other agencies, including US Border Patrol, the Pentagon, and local law enforcement departments. California has been most aggressive about collecting scans, but agencies in Texas and Missouri can also add to and search the system.

Source: TheVerge