Free Windows 10 May Still Exist

While the free Windows 10 upgrade offer actually expired on July 29, there may be a way that you can still snag it for $0 money down and zero payments of $0 for a little while longer. This stems from Microsoft's commitment to make it available for free to those you use "assistive technologies". The fact is they aren't checking in with your doctor, and if you download a file from Microsoft and claim that you need assistance, you can still get the upgrade for free.

The process seems to be far less complicated than some had expected. The free upgrade can be initiated from this page on Microsoft's site; an EXE file is downloaded to the user's PC, but as Lifehacker and The Verge noted, beyond a checkbox asking if you use assistive technologies, Microsoft doesn't appear to be making any verification checks before the upgrade begins.

Source: Neowin