Facebook keeps growing

It wasn't that long ago that Facebook was proudly announcing that they'd reached 1 billion active monthly users. At that time people were wondering if Facebook's numbers could continue to grow and apparently they can as they are now claiming to have 1.71 billion active monthly users and 1.13 billion of those users are active daily users. These numbers are up 20% over last year and of course investors are pretty happy about the news and Facebook stock has been climbing as a result. The Washington Post has the full story.

Facebook is riding high off all of your likes and shares.

The company went into its second-quarter earnings report with high expectations from analysts, who expected to see 50 percent growth to $6 billion in revenue and earnings of 82 cents per share. And the company didn't disappoint. The social network even blew past that high bar with $6.4 billion in revenue and earnings of 97 cents per share.

Shares jumped as much as 7 percent immediately after the report was released, up from its market close of $123.34 per share.