Qualcom Chip Flaw Exposed 900 Million Android Users

There has recently been four new security holes in Qualcomm chips that power everyday Android devices and this is not good. Not good at all. The exploit could enable a malicious person to bypass permissions and run whatever they wanted - without the user knowing. Qualcomm makes about 65% of the world's smartphone chips - so this is a huge deal. The upside is that three out of four holes have already been patched, and the last one is coming very soon. The downside is that if your carrier doesn't push the update - you won't get it automatically. Nexus owners will be getting this patch much sooner however.

This situation highlights the inherent risks in the Android security model. Critical security updates must pass through the entire supply chain before they can be made available to end users. Once available, the end users must then be sure to install these updates to protect their devices and data.

Source: ArsTechnica