LG X-Power K210 Android Smartphone - Setup and Testing the LG X-Power K210

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LG X-Power K210 Android Smartphone
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X-Power Specifications
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Device Setup:

Setup was pretty easy. I powered up the LG phone and saw the custom LG logo. After a few seconds, I was welcomed with a quick setup process. I was given the option to transfer stuff from a different device and backup this new device. This is super handy as it's hard to remember all the apps that you have installed on your other phone. Once I setup my Google account and the phone was up and running I noticed that the X-Power comes with a basic app list that includes a few from LG and Bell featured on the home screen. One of the LG apps that I found quite handy was the Quick Memo app that I mentioned before.


Restore Account


Backup from Other Device


General Testing:

My favorite part of reviewing products here at BCCHardware is the play time (aka. testing). I had a lot of fun with this device for a couple of weeks and wish I could have had more time, but I had to take off for a bit and drop it off about a week early. Still, I used it as my main device and put it through its paces. There are a few things that it has that my current phone doesn't and on the flip side was lacking a few features that I've come to love on my current device.

X-Power Geekbench

GeekBench Results


While most people don't use a phone much for phone calls, it's still worth noting that calls were nice and clear and connected quickly. Voicemail is quick and simple to setup. Text messages worked without much delay. The physical buttons on the X-Power work well enough, but sometimes they seemed a bit slow to respond. Waking up the phone using the power button required a couple button presses at times. Perhaps the X-Power enters a deep sleep state which helps the battery last longer.

Something that blew me away about the LG X-Power is the really amazing battery life! I had it last up to three days and I'm a pretty heavy user. I played music, some games, surfed the web, browsed social media and more and it still kept going and going. At night, I would enable battery saver and leave it on, and still it lasted for 72 hours+ of runtime. The phones large battery helps keep it going despite power hungry screen time and video recording for this review. I was very impressed.

Battery Usage

Battery & Power Saving

Battery Usage

Battery Usage


I enjoy music and love it when I can share a few songs with people that I'm chilling with. Everyone that I know enjoys good audio, but the speaker built into the LG X-Phone is not that great for sharing anything. The speaker placement is on the rear of the phone, and audio came out a bit muffled if you lay the phone on its back. In order to hear the sound more clearly, you'll have to lay the phone on the screen and risk scratching it. Obviously the headphone jack solves this problem and performs very well, but it is nice to be able to listen to audiobooks or videos and share them with your friends. If the speaker location was on the end of the device, it would be better in my opinion.

On the next page we'll talk about and show some camera and video samples.